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More About Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis and correction of misaligned teeth, jaw irregularities and facial development.

Orthodontists focus on these issues in order to provide patients with a healthier smile which results in dramatically increased overall health for years to come. Common orthodontic issues, such as crowding, spacing and protrusion are known as malocclusions. While some malocclusions are hereditary, others are the cause of:

Dental Disease


Habits (like thumb sucking)

Dr. Michelle Luis is proud to offer clear aligner technology at her practice. Call today to learn more! 

Orthodontic methods are not only used for aesthetic improvement, they can also correct:

  • Long Term Oral Health
  • Speech Impediments
  • A Bite (the realignment of a bite can make eating, smiling and speaking feel effortless, as it should)

When to see an orthodontist?

It is never too late to setup an appointment with an orthodontist. Although the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that kids check in with an orthodontist near the age of seven, orthodontic treatment does not discriminate and is not solely for children and teens.

One in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 21. Whether the treatment being sought is for a child, teen or an adult, it is important to remember that the main reason for orthodontic procedures are to improve oral health and this starts at any age.

Common Questions

At what age can I start orthodontic treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children should be evaluated for orthodontic care beginning around age 7. Older children and adults can begin orthodontic treatment any time, even seniors, although some issues are easier to correct if you start treatment earlier.

Will I need a retainer after my treatment is completed?

Almost all orthodontic patients need to wear a retainer after their braces come off, otherwise the teeth will begin to shift back to their original position.

We strive to...

Provide you with comprehensive care throughout your experience

Maintain an excellence and passion in dentistry through continued education

Work with you to understand your oral health goals and challenges

Create a long term plan to ensure that you can always stay smiling

Insurance & Billing

Our office accepts all PPO insurances and we match HMO pricing. If you are without dental insurance coverage, we will do our best to work with you to afford treatment.

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Proudly Serving Miami

Dr. Michelle Luis, a south Florida native, practices as a general dentist with substantive experience with fillings, crown and bridge, veneers, extractions, dentures, Invisalign, and root canals.

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Dr. Luis easily connects with her patients and provides services using a multifactorial approach, involving a clear communication style, the utilization of innovative methods, a gentle approach to the application of services, and a high degree of diligence and professionalism.

Expert Team

Dr. Michelle Luis holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science and a Doctorate in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University.

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We are so thankful to all of our amazing patients who have taken the time to share their experiences on Google, Facebook, ZocDoc, and other online sources.

This office is pretty out of the way for me, but honestly it is worth the drive. Everyone is extremely nice, office is well kept and clean and I absolutely love Dr. Luis.

Cassandra N.

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